SECOND BRAZILIAN WORKSHOP OF THE GAME THEORY SOCIETY, in honor of JOHN NASH, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Nash equilibrium. – 1st São Paulo School of Advanced Sciences of FAPESP – The State of São Paulo Research Foundation, from 07/29 to 08/04, 2010 – UNIVERSITY OF SÃO PAULO, SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL.

Deadline for submission: March 30, 2010 – Information:

Graduate students should send a recommendation letter from their supervisors. Limited financial aid is available.                  


Marilda Sotomayor, USP/SP, BR and Brown Univ., USA

LOCAL ORGANIZER COMMITTEE:                                             

Marilda Sotomayor (USP), Maurício Bugarin (INSPER), Adhemar Villani Junior (INSPER), Gustavo Andrey (USP), Joe Yoshino (USP).


                      Chair: Marilda Sotomayor, USP/SP, BR and Brown Univ., USA                            

M.  Bugarim, Insper/SP, BR                                  S. Brams, New York University. USA
G. De Clippel, Brown University, USA                 O. Gossner, L.S.E., UK and P.S.E., FR
W. Maldonado, UCB/DF, BR                               P. Milgrom, USA.
H. Moulin, Rice University, USA                            M. Nunez, Univ. de Barcelona, Sp
A. Sandroni, Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA              F. Valenciano, Univ.
Del País Vasco, Sp
A . Urbano, Univ. de Valencia, Spain               J.  Wooders, Univ. of Arizona, USA
B. von Stengel, London School of Econ., UK     M.  Wooders, Vanderbilt Univ. USA
                                                     INVITED SPEAKERS:

John Nash (Nobel Prize in Economics of 1994)

Robert Aumann (Nobel Prize in Economics  of 2005)

Roger Myerson (Nobel Prize in Economics  of 2007)

Eric Maskin (Nobel Prize in Economics  of 2007)

A. Araujo, IMPA e FGV/RJ, BR A. Neyman, HUJ, IL
G. De Clippel, Brown Univ., USA M. Nunez, Univ. Barcelona, Spain
G. Demange, Paris School of Econ., FR M. Perry, HUJ, IL
J. Duggan, Univ. of Rochester, USA M. Wooders, Vanderbilt Univ., USA
P. Dubey, SUNY at Stony Brook, USA F. Page, Univ. of Alabama, USA
O. Gossner, LSE, UK P. Reny, Univ. of Chicago, USA
S. Hart, HUJ, IL W. Sandholm, Univ. of Wisconsin, USA
O. Hudry, ENS des Econ., FR H. Sabourian, Univ. of Cambridge, USA
P. Klinger, EPGE, Br. A. Sandroni, Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA
H. Moreira, EPGE, BR W. Thomson, Univ. of Rochester, USA



Non-Cooperative Games, S. Zamir (Hebrew Univ.), Auction Theory, P. Milgrom (Univ. Stanford), Experimental Economics, J. Wooders, (Univ. of Arizona), Game Theory and Democracy, S. Brams, (N.Y. Univ.), Networks, M. Jackson (Univ. Stanford), Stochastic Games: Algorithms and Existence Theorems, T.E.S. Raghavan (Univ. Chicago).